Pool & Spa Inspection

Having a pool or spa can give your home an added appeal, however they must be properly maintained to ensure that they keep being a benefit rather than a headache. A pool & spa inspection will assess the operation of the systems and determine if there is a safety issue.

If you are buying a house that has a swimming pool or a spa, it is not necessary that your home inspection will cover pool or spa inspection or the home inspector will have the expertise to carry out the inspection. You need to hire a trained and experienced inspector for a pool or spa inspection, which is why Home Resource Solutions is your best option.

With the help of advanced technology & state of the art equipment, we carefully inspect all components of the pool and spa. We then provide you with a detailed inspection report which highlights anything of concern during the inspection and outlines repairs required (if any) because of damage, defects or non-functional electricals in the pool or spa.


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