Home Energy Score

We are qualified to produce U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Scores on your home.

Our inspection gathers roughly 100 data points on your home to identify exactly where your home is losing energy. The report will list ways to save energy, and thereby, you will save lots of money. On average, our clients save more than $1,200 every year and enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home by following our report’s recommendations.

We complete a Home Energy Score with every home inspection.

Whether you are buying, selling or owning a house, it’s always better to understand your home’s energy use. Homes that get very cold in winter or hot in summer use a lot of energy to maintain suitable temperatures for the occupants. This in turn leads to inflated energy bills and leaves the homeowners struggling to pay their bills in order to stay comfortable. Getting a home energy score inspection will help you make your home more energy efficient and will prepare you for your expected energy costs.


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