Whether you are purchasing, selling, or living in a home, you want the best overall assessment of the homes condition. A home inspector will be able to provide a quality overall health assessment of the home and help protect you from some expensive fixes, or ways to extend the life of systems of your home. This give you control when it comes time to make the repairs or a request they be fixed. If the home is under warranty you can determine things that can be covered before your warranty runs out, or if you are in a real estate transaction you can protect yourself by having the knowledge of what your options are.

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When hiring a home inspector it’s best to conduct a background check on him and see if he is certified, licensed and insured. But you’ve got nothing to worry about at Home Resource Solutions. Because we have only the best inspectors with us. Each inspector with us is highly experienced and knowledgeable. We undergo regular training and continued education in order to keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the home inspection industry.

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I hear this sometimes, and of course this is an option, but for a seller a “move-in pre-listing inspection” provides a lot of benefits. First, if your inspector finds an issue you can choose how you want to repair it. in contrast, if a buyer inspector finds an issue they get to make those choices for you. In addition, it can take money off of the sale price, or keep the sale from going through. When you utilize our move-in ready pre-listing inspection you are showing the buyer that you have taken the time to have the home inspected by a certified home inspector, which gives them the option to forgo an inspection making the sale a smoother transaction.

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It might seem smart and convenient to use the home inspector your agent recommends, but occasionally it is a good idea to consider choosing your own. For Example, if you’ve noticed some less than scrupulous behavior from your agent throughout your house-hunting process, or have a nagging feeling they don’t have your best interest at heart, perhaps its a good time to get an unbiased home inspector.

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Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that comes through the ground in a natural breakdown of below the surface. when a home is built over these areas this gas can enter the home and your family can breathe it. Radon is one of the #1 causes of lung cancer, but also not as widely known. Having the home tested will ensure your families health, and protect your home in the future.

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Getting quotes for an inspection is important, but not as important as ensuring you are getting a quality inspector. We don’t contribute to unnecessary add-on’s that don’t add value to our clients. These are simply gimmicks to up the fees, we provide value. This means that we work to give our clients the best inspection at the best rates., but we truly care about you and your investment and as a result feel we provide you a better service. Our fee’s are simple to understand. They are based on the square footage and age of home and are comparable to other home inspectors in the area ($400-$500 average).

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A Home inspection is an important part to knowing the condition of a home. Having an expert evaluate it gives you peace of mind that you will not be surprised with a large expensive repair in the future. Our Inspectors follow Washington State Standards of Practice which ensures a thorough assessment of the home. These assessments take approximately 2 hours to complete properly, during which time they will be on the roof, under the home structure, they will check plumbing, electrical systems, appliances, heating and A/C, in the attic and around the grounds. Once completed we will go over the findings with you at the home, and will deliver the completed report the same day. All our home inspections come with 100% satisfaction guarantee, buyer protection guarantee, building consultant for life, and we may provide you with a free home energy score and/or 120 day warranty. Our objective is to deliver the best inspection experience at the best value in the industry.

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You don’t see it, but changes are continually happening below the surface. Sewer pipes deteriorate and are under constant attack from debris, water, trees, and surface pressure. Eventually, they WILL give way. Regardless of the age of the home, damage can occur, and it should be evaluated.

Drainage issues can cause sewage to back up into the home leading to imminent costly repairs, if not addressed. A sewer scope inspection, can tell you the sewage system’s condition and protect you from expensive repairs that can run $2,500 to $25,000 or more!

Homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines that run from their homes to the street. Knowing the condition of the sewer lines can be a helpful tool when negotiating the purchase of your home. A sewer system simply must be working. Having a sewer scope with your home inspection will save you money in the long run.

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